Project Financed by European Union

About The Project

Project Title: Strengthening economic and social capacities of the East Kazakhstan Akimat through the transfer of both state-of-the-art and locally-tailored EU know-how in the forms of INNOVATIVEtrainings and PRACTICal workshops –INNOVATIVE PRACTICe Overall objective of the project is to transfer the knowledge and best practices on state of the art and locally tailored European managerial and technological practices, standards, market demands to East Kazakhstan local authorities, entrepreneurs and farmers, as well as young and unemployed, and enable know-how exchange withKyzylorda Region with the purpose of raising the competitiveness and quality of service provision among the selected target groups to the EU/world class level.

About Каzlod

The Programme Kazakhstan Local Development – KAZLOD is funded by the European Union, as represented by the Delegation of European Union to Kazakhstan. The overall objective of KAZLOD is to contribute to a more equitable regional development and increasing living standards in the regions through the promotion of local economies and the strengthening of responsibilities and capacities of Kazakhstan regions – „oblasts“ – administrations. The specific objectives of the Programme are (i) to support the design and implementation of a coherent legislative and institutional framework conducive to local development and (ii) to promote improved local development policies in three pilot oblasts: Mangystau, Kyzylorda and East-Kazkahstan